I will make a wish come true

I can make a wish come true by using several ancient secret techniques that I've discovered after 30 years of practice, study and meditation.

For those who are fighting to find their place on earth, this is a very effective method to fulfill your wishes, because the success rate is very high.

Please note that I am not accepting bad wishes. So, I am refusing any kind of wish that may hurt people or living beings. Prosperity wishes are welcomed, but to be somehow resonable (e.g. "winning the lottery tomorrow" is quite hard to achieve, especially when talking about a short timeframe). We better let the Universe decide the way in which prosperity or hapinness will flow to you.

What exactly you will get?

1. Several series of prayers and special rituals focused on your wish.
This means that I will perform for you daily rituals and meditations for 11 days. It is a very high energy demanding task, so I can't do it too many times.

2. You get a better understanding of what you really need and want from this life.

3. Thousands of "thank you" from people benefiting from your donation.